Load-in information

(Edit by Otto: Corrected the dates.)

BBQ Fest is one week away! There is a lot of work that has to be done to build our booth and get all our equipment in place. If you can help at any of the dates/times listed below, we would greatly appreciate it. The more people who help, the quicker we get done! If you want to let us know you’re coming a particular date and time, email moodyques@gmail.com. We can also get you Travis’s phone number (he’s the lead for load-in) if you need it. Bold type indicates dates and times when we especially need help.

Due to availability we have had to push this forward to tonight.
Wednesday, May 10 – Holliday Flowers at 440 Monroe in The Edge District – meet at 6 PM

Gather and stage equipment
Build the door to the booth and possibly other things
Get the carpet to Holliday

Saturday, May 13 – Tom Lee Park
Load in cookers (Frank and Win)
Electrical panel up if scaffolding ready

Sunday, May 14 – Holliday Flowers – meet at 9 AM
Load truck
Drive to Tom Lee Park
Load in
Hang lights and power
We realize this is Mother’s Day. If you can’t make it at 9 you’re welcome to come directly to the park later and help with load-in. Any time you can spare to help this day would be great.

Monday, May 15
Hang banner
Load in fridge
Other activities to get booth ready
If you can come help after work, we would appreciate it.

Tuesday, May 16
Load in stereo
Other activities to get booth ready
If you can come help after work, we would appreciate it.

Wednesday, May 17 – 7 AM to 3 PM
Load in food and remaining items and plants
Gates open to the public at 5 PM

Our booth number is S-339 and we are almost all the way to the south end of the park on the bluff side (as opposed to the river side). Any questions or to let us know when you can come, email moodyques@gmail.com.

Tentative cooking schedule

Want to see what’s on the menu for the Moody Ques at BBQ Fest? Our cook team has released a tentative schedule. If you want to bring a dessert email moodyques@gmail.com and let us know what you plan to bring. If you want to bring a side, that’s fine too.

Wednesday, May 17 (gates open at 5 PM)

  • 6:00: sausage and cheese
  • 8:00: pulled pork

Thursday, May 18 (gates open at 11 AM)

  • noon: burgers
  • 3:00: wings
  • 6:00: pulled pork
  • 8:00: ribs

Friday, May 19 (gates open at 11 AM)

  • 1:00: brisket
  • 3:00: a surprise!
  • 6:00: pizza
  • 8:00: pulled pork

Saturday, May 20 (gates open at 10 AM)

  • all day: pulled pork


  • Cole slaw
  • Pasta salad
  • French fries


A note about Saturday, May 20: That is judging day. Shoulder teams go first in judging, so we should have 3 judges visiting our booth between 11 AM and noon. Presentation is a big part of the overall score. Therefore, we need people to get to the park when the gates open at 10 AM to help make the booth look its best. Only the cook team will be allowed inside the booth when the judges are present, but it would be nice to have Moody Ques members standing outside in our 2017 shirts to show team spirit and to politely applaud the judges as they leave. On the other hand, if you’re the type of person who feels they wouldn’t make a good impression on a judge, it’s perfectly fine if you wait until noon or later to come to the park that day.

Keep an eye on this website the next three weeks. We will be posting frequent updates with information about team packets, load-in, build, load-out, and whatever else comes up. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us and ask. Thanks everyone!

Team members – we need your T-shirt size!

Team members, we need you to fill out this form and give us your T-shirt size. Shirts this year will be yellow with the Moody Ques logo in red and blue, matching the colors of the flag of 2017 Memphis in May honored country, Colombia.

Important: If you do not fill out this form by 5 PM Monday, May 1, we will not be able to guarantee you a shirt in your size.

A few quick things…

Howdy, everyone! Got a few quick announcements.

First of all, we are not doing the Atoka regional this weekend. We’ve decided to focus on Southaven Springfest later in April, and of course the big event in May.

Secondly… one more reminder that team dues go up April 1! Pay by tomorrow, March 31, and lock in the $350 individual/$500 couple rate. Each goes up $50 on the 1st. Pay using the PayPal widget on the sidebar (or at the bottom on mobile devices). If you would prefer to pay by cash or check, email moodyques@gmail.com and we will make arrangements.

Third… due to a variety of reasons (cook moving overseas, promotions at work, deaths in the family, weddings) we were unable to schedule a full-team cookout in March. We want to gauge whether there would be enough interest in a team cookout in April. The good thing about having such a cookout is that it gives the team members a chance to know each other in a casual setting, prior to BBQ Fest when we are all busy working. This especially helps first-year members meet the rest of the team.

The downside of doing a team cookout in April is that it’s festival season and it can be hard to find a time to get everyone together. The 16th is Easter… the 22nd is Hot Wing Fest… the 23rd is Rajun Cajun Crawfish… the 28th-29th is Southaven Springfest… the 30th is Wine Race. We don’t want a situation where we have a team cookout (and spend money on meat and beer) and only a dozen or so people show up.

If you have an opinion either way, shoot us an email at moodyques@gmail.com. Thanks, and it would really help the team a lot if you would pay those dues! We have a cooks’ meeting on the 9th where we have to write a lot of checks. Back soon with more information!