Save the date – Saturday, April 13

Team members, please check your email. We are planning a team meet & greet for Saturday, April 13 and the location and time are in the email we just sent. If you didn’t get it email us at and we will get you the information. More to come concerning the discussion topics to be covered at the meet & greet, as well as food and beverage information.

We know that’s smack dab in the middle of festival season, so we understand if you can’t make it. However, we would love to see you and get your input as to what will go on with the Moody Ques at BBQ Fest this year! If membership hasn’t closed by April 13, you’re welcome to bring prospective members who are considering joining.

More details about this event coming soon! Also be on the lookout for info about Southaven Springfest.

And so it begins… BBQ Fest 2018

Our booth is open for business at BBQ Fest! This year's design mimics the Czech Republic's famous Prague astronomical clock.

Thanks to DSV for coming on board this year as main sponsor.

Of course, we only cook with the best, Royal Oak Charcoal.

2018 team T-shirts:

We also have koozies with the same design. Team members: See Misty, Jamie or Paul in the booth to get your koozie.

We had a pork shoulder taco bar along with Redneck caviar, cole slaw, Aaron's banana pudding, and Laura's brownies for Wednesday dinner.

Time to get back to the park! Best Booth judging is at 11 AM today.

Team members, we need your help!

That special time of the year is just around the corner!

We need your help to make it all happen, starting in 2 weeks. This should give you enough notice to plan your work schedule.

Everyone needs to take part in something: load in, load out, preparing food, or cook team.

We have 50 team members this year, so that's a LOT of hands to make quick work of it.

That is also a lot of mouths to feed. If you plan to bring a side dish or dessert, there is a link for that sign up page.

We have a plan, but it has to be fluid. Rain or a delay with scaffolding can mean last-minute changes.

This system will send text or email updates if something changes that affects the tasks you registered for.

Sign up here