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Rooftop party!

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Hello team! We’re putting together a rooftop party for our members and prospective members. It will be Saturday, March 24, from 2 to 5 PM at the Huttos’ residence, 648 Riverside #201.

Our pitmaster Kris will bring a shoulder for us to enjoy. Come get a taste of our competition entry for 2018.

If you haven’t paid your dues, you can bring your checkbook to the rooftop party and pay then. Paying by check will allow you to avoid the PayPal convenience fee for paying online. Don’t forget, dues go up April 1 so better get ’em paid at the lower price while you can.

We’ll share information with you about our plans for 2018. We’re going for Best Booth once again and we have a booth design of a Czech Republic landmark.

Also, due to a family connection through one of our members, we have a SUPER cool team T-shirt design that we will show you at the party.

We will have a Q&A and answer whatever questions you have.

Feel free to bring friends who might be interested in joining the team.

RSVP here:

Any questions, let us know at


Announcing new small business-friendly sponsorship level

Small businesses, startup businesses, and mom & pop businesses have been largely shut out of the BBQ Fest sponsorship game over the years because sponsoring a team has been cost-prohibitive. That is a shame because businesses like those are a rich part of our growing city. Therefore, the Moody Ques are offering a new sponsorship level, at only $750, to connect with business who could otherwise not afford to sponsor. For that price you get your choice of

  • A table for 8 for dinner in our booth one night at BBQ Fest (for businesses who want to impress clients or reward key employees); or
  • Advertising inside our booth and can leave business cards on our bar (for businesses who want to expand awareness and reach potential new customers)

Email if interested and someone will get back to you. All of our sponsorships are highly customizable so if you have a different idea about what you want, talk to us. Interested in a larger sponsor package? Check out our 2018 sponsor packet to see how we can work with you.

A full team meeting has been tentatively set for Saturday, March 24 with location and details to be announced at a later date. Any sponsor on board with us by the date of the full team meeting will be invited to attend and talk about their business.

We are looking at a regional to compete in prior to BBQ Fest. This is not set in stone but Southaven Springfest the fourth weekend in April looks like a strong possibility.

One more reminder – team members, pay your dues if you haven’t already. We have to write a lot of checks the next 8 weeks and it would be nice to have money in the account when we do. If you don’t want to pay online via PayPal email and we will make arrangements.

Expect news updates to increase from here on out. Thanks everyone.

2018 Moody Ques sponsor packet

The Moody Ques’ 2018 sponsor packet is now available. Ever thought about getting involved in BBQ Fest? This is your chance to team up with one of the most well-known teams in Tom Lee Park. With multiple Best Booth awards, many people are curious about our booth and stop by to take a look… which means visibility for your business.

The packages listed in the sponsor packet are just starting points. We can customize any package to meet your needs. Contact us at and let us know how we can work with you.

Photo Gallery – BBQ Fest 2017

Another year is in the books for the Moody Ques at BBQ Fest. We brought home a trophy, finishing third in Best Booth. We didn’t place in the top 10 for Shoulder, but all three judges came back and spoke very positively, one saying “You got my 10” and another saying that the flavor and texture were perfect. Here’s a look back at BBQ Fest ’17.