Great response to our call for help yesterday! Let’s keep ’em coming!

When we put out calls for help with load-in and load-out, we usually don’t expect much. Although it is an opportunity to get to know your teammates, let’s face it, it’s also an opportunity to move stuff around and hammer and staple and get sweaty.

You guys did us proud, and blew the Moody Ques’ inbox up! Within hours of the post, we had multiple offers to help with not only load-in and load-out, but we also received interest in helping in the kitchen and bringing sides.

Let’s keep those responses coming, because we can never have too many hands on deck. Here’s the thing – the more people we have helping, the less effort each of us will have to put in, and the sooner we will be relaxing in our newly-constructed booth drinking some beer.

Email us at and let us know your availability for May 7-10 load-in and/or May 15 load-out. Even if you can only come for an hour or two, that makes a big difference. Thanks everyone!

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