Team news: Cooking, load-in, shirts, menu

It’s almost showtime folks! Fresh off two Top 12 or higher finishes at regionals in the month of April, we are ready for the big dance! We are so proud of Frank and Erik. Do YOU want to assist Frank and Erik in the kitchen at BBQ Fest? There will be opportunities to help with prep, cooking burgers and wings, and more. Email us at if interested.
We also need help with load-in and load-out. Travis from Holliday Flowers will lead the effort this year. If there are any times you will be available to help Saturday, May 7 through Tuesday, May 10 (load-in) or Sunday, May 15 (load-out), please let us know at We thought about creating a shared team Google Docs spreadsheet for people to list their availability, but Travis said, “Nah, let’s not make it complicated for people to sign up, just sending an email is fine.” We will need people to help load in the cookers, refrigerator and ice machine, probably the morning of Saturday the 7th, but it could be Sunday the 8th depending on weather and the condition the park is left in after Music Fest. After the scaffolding is erected there will be opportunities for you to help with booth decoration, lay waterproofing and carpet, and more. This is a great chance to bond with your teammates and work together before the big event starts. Please sign up for any time you have free, because we really need as many hands on deck as possible. Award-winning booths do not just magically appear!
Shirts have been ordered. If you did not give us your size, we will try our best to get you a shirt in your size – we did order extras, but we can’t guarantee your size if we didn’t have it as of last Friday. If you want a different style of shirt – for example, long sleeve, women’s fitted T, tank top, tube top – you can purchase the shirt on your own and take it to Josh at Winfield’s at the corner of Main and Madison and he will print it for you. There will be a nominal fee for printing.
We will make your team bags with shirt, park wristband, Wednesday night ticket, and map, and arrange a location to get those to you as the time approaches.
The board met last night and a tentative menu was planned.
Wednesday night: Sausage and cheese, pork butts
Thursday noon: Burgers and hot dogs
Thursday 4 PM: Practice competition pork shoulders
Thursday 8 PM: Ribs
Friday noon: Brisket, cooked by a Texan, our sponsor Rodger
Friday 4 PM: Wings
Friday 8 PM: Frank’s special surprise
Saturday: Lots of competition BBQ
Of course, we will have delicious sides as always. Do you have a side dish you would like to bring? Let us know!
As you know, we took a third-place trophy for Seafood in Southaven. We are entering our prize-winning dish in the Seafood ancillary competition at BBQ Fest.
If you have any special requests, comments, or concerns let us know at Thanks everyone. We look forward to working with all of you to make this our best year ever!

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