Queen of the Vine winner to bartend for the Moody Ques

Every year on the last Sunday in April, a fun and debaucherous event happens called Beale Street Wine Race. It’s the service industry’s last chance to blow off some steam before the busy Memphis in May season hits. There are four events – the signature wine relay from which the day gets its name, a grape stomp, an opening parade, and…

a beauty pageant called Queen of the Vine. Women from various restaurants and bars shake their stuff on stage and answer interview questions by that pervy radio host who says “I hate to see you leave, but I sure do like watching you go” about fifty bazillion times over the course of the afternoon. A lot of skin is shown, but here’s the secret – keeping it classy is the key to winning and being crowned Queen of the Vine.

In 2011, a lady named Amanda “Panda” kept it classy and was awarded the QOTV crown. Panda has bartended Bardog Tavern on Monroe for its entire 10-year run, and bartended and served elsewhere in the Memphis area for several years before that. She is a total pro and treats her customers like gold. This year she will bring her outstanding customer service to the Moody Ques, tending our bar during the peak hours of 7 PM to midnight Thursday and Friday of BBQ Fest.

As a legendary Downtown bartender, Panda has no shortage of requests from BBQ teams to bartend. However, last month she approached our team president and director and deputy director of public relations and let us know that the Moody Ques are her preferred team. We quickly put together a deal and hired her. We have no doubt that our members, guests and sponsors including main sponsor DSV will be well taken care of with her behind the bar.

Panda bartends the 3:00-7:00 shift at Bardog Tuesday through Friday. She will be going on maternity leave in a few weeks, and the Moody Ques will be her return to bartending after having the baby. There will be a diaper party for her Tuesday, April 3 at Bardog, 73 Monroe, if you want to stop by and say hello to her. Fellow bartender Bloomers recommends Huggies size 1 or 4 as gifts for Panda.

In other news, team membership is starting to fill up and we don’t have that many spots left. If you haven’t paid dues yet, get ’em in while you still can! You can use the PayPal widget on this site or email moodyques@gmail.com to arrange payment by check or cash.

Back soon with more news. We’re entering the busy season!

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