Photo gallery: Burger tasting

On Saturday, August 13, the Moody Ques had a burger tasting at Frank’s house. We sampled three different burgers: A spicy Specialty Burger, a Traditional Cheeseburger, and a black bean-based Veggie Burger. Thank you Frank and Laura for hosting us, and thank you Frank and Erik for your hard work cooking and preparing the burgers.

If you were there and tried the burgers, the cooks would like your honest feedback. You can email us at and they will see it. Don’t hold back – if the burgers were good, tell us so, but if there’s something you think needs to be changed, tell us that too. We’re all in this together and your input can help us vault into the Top 10 in these three categories.

We hope to see you all at Best Memphis Burger Fest on the 28th!

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