Keep an eye on your email next week

Things are moving along quickly now. Sapana has started getting the team bags together and we should have an update shortly on when and where you can pick them up. Load-in is tomorrow morning, possibly as early as 7, when we will drop off the heavy equipment.

Team members: please keep an eye on your email next week. The load-in and build process is not something that can be scheduled down to the minute or even the hour due to factors like weather, waiting for the scaffolding to be erected, waiting for inspectors to come by, etc. I have given Travis my number (this is Paul by the way) and he will text me his needs at the park, which I will then pass on to all of you via email as timely as possible. I will be emailing from my phone most of the time, so please excuse brevity and any spelling or grammar mistakes.

Thanks everyone!

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