Board of Directors 2016 – seeking At Large member

This past weekend, the team’s board of directors met and appointed the board for 2016. Due to Allison Moody moving to McAllen, Texas in December, some changes were made. The new board is as follows:

  • President – Clay Thompson
  • Vice President – Erik Karlsson
  • General Counsel – Allison Kay Moody
  • Chief Communications Officer – Win Bonner
  • Pitmaster – Frank Howell
  • Treasurer – Misty Roberson
  • Chief Engineering Officer – Brent Long
  • Director of Public Relations – Paul Ryburn
  • At Large – Open

The at-large position is our plan to get fresh blood on the board. It will rotate every year, with a team member getting a taste of what it is like to be a board member, being heavily involved all the way through with planning, booth design, load-in, shouldering responsibility during the festival, and load-out. If you are interested in the at-large position for 2016, send an email to

In other news, as of this weekend the Moody Ques expect to have three Memphis in May certified BBQ judges on the team. Pitmaster Frank, President Clay and Vice-President Erik are attending the World Championship Cooking Contest Judging class held annually by Memphis in May at the Downtown Holiday Inn. Assuming they all pass their final exam (and yes there is one) they will be qualified to be BBQ Fest judges. This will give the cookteam a better idea what judges are looking for in our championship shoulder. We want to be on stage collecting a trophy come May, and this will surely help!

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