A few quick things…

Howdy, everyone! Got a few quick announcements.

First of all, we are not doing the Atoka regional this weekend. We’ve decided to focus on Southaven Springfest later in April, and of course the big event in May.

Secondly… one more reminder that team dues go up April 1! Pay by tomorrow, March 31, and lock in the $350 individual/$500 couple rate. Each goes up $50 on the 1st. Pay using the PayPal widget on the sidebar (or at the bottom on mobile devices). If you would prefer to pay by cash or check, email moodyques@gmail.com and we will make arrangements.

Third… due to a variety of reasons (cook moving overseas, promotions at work, deaths in the family, weddings) we were unable to schedule a full-team cookout in March. We want to gauge whether there would be enough interest in a team cookout in April. The good thing about having such a cookout is that it gives the team members a chance to know each other in a casual setting, prior to BBQ Fest when we are all busy working. This especially helps first-year members meet the rest of the team.

The downside of doing a team cookout in April is that it’s festival season and it can be hard to find a time to get everyone together. The 16th is Easter… the 22nd is Hot Wing Fest… the 23rd is Rajun Cajun Crawfish… the 28th-29th is Southaven Springfest… the 30th is Wine Race. We don’t want a situation where we have a team cookout (and spend money on meat and beer) and only a dozen or so people show up.

If you have an opinion either way, shoot us an email at moodyques@gmail.com. Thanks, and it would really help the team a lot if you would pay those dues! We have a cooks’ meeting on the 9th where we have to write a lot of checks. Back soon with more information!

Park map / Dues go up April 1

We have received our booth number and park map! We will be in booth S-339. Below is a map of the south end of the park.

We are in nearly the same spot as last year, near the Georgia Avenue entrance.

We’d like to remind everyone that dues will go up April 1. Lock in your membership at the current $350 individual/$500 couple rate by paying by March 31st. After that the price will be $400 individual/$550 couple. You can pay using the PayPal sidebar widget on this website (it’s at the bottom of the page if you’re viewing on mobile). If you would prefer to pay by cash or check, email us at moodyques@gmail.com and we will make arrangements.

Thanks everyone. With BBQ Fest less than two months away, we are going to start sending out updates more frequently.

Reminder – it’s time to pay those dues!

It’s tax season, and we know a lot of you are waiting on money back from Uncle Sam. When you get your refund, that would be a great time to go ahead and pay your 2017 dues. It would help you because you won’t have that expense hanging over your head as we move into March and then April. It would also help the team, because we are going to have bills to pay in the very near future.

Dues are $350 individual/$500 couple, same as last year. You can use PayPal to pay online via the team website. If you would prefer to pay by check or cash, email moodyques@gmail.com and we will make arrangements.

Thanks everyone. More news about the team coming soon.

Happy New Year from the Moody Ques!

Happy New Year everyone!

We had a cooks meeting tonight – Frank, Erik, Dusty plus President Clay, Treasurer Misty, and PR Director Paul – and sorted a few things out for 2017. First and foremost is that we will NOT be raising dues this year. It’s going to be $350 individual, $500 couple (must be an established, real-life couple), same as 2016, going up to $400 individual/$550 couple on April 1. Memphis in May is raising fees in almost every category this year but we have decided not to pass those costs on to our members. The PayPal widget is now active on the website for your 2017 dues payment (see the right sidebar, bottom of the page if on mobile). Prefer to pay cash for your dues? No problem, call Misty at 901-337-1046.

  • That being said, we do have to write a rather large check to Memphis in May mid-February! If you are financially flexible, or if you received Christmas money and don’t have a destination for it, you would help the team out a lot if you paid your dues early.

The cooks also decided they want to commit to the same three regional festivals as last year – Atoka (March 31), Southaven Springfest (late April), and Senatobia (late May). We hauled in some trophies and prize money at these in 2016, and every chance Frank and Erik get to present their entries to a judge is valuable. Winning regionals is the path to becoming a big dog team at BBQ Fest.

We are always looking for good people who want to be part of our BBQ family, so if you know of someone who would be a good fit as a team member send them our way. Thanks everyone and happy 2017! We will be in touch again soon.